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Council of Ministers

The best way of remembering this is to think of it as the "Council of government ministers". The Council meets in ten different configurations depending on the subjects under discussion.

For example, the “Foreign Affairs” configuration is made up of foreign affairs ministers from all 27 Member States, the “Justice and Home Affairs” configuration of justice and home affairs ministers from all the 27 Member States, etc. The ten possible Council configurations are

  1.  General Affairs
  2. Foreign Affairs
  3. Economic and Financial Affairs
  4. Justice and Home Affairs (JHA)
  5. Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs
  6. Competitiveness
  7. Transport, Telecommunications and Energy
  8. Agriculture and Fisheries
  9. Environment
  10. Education, Youth and Culture

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An  appropriate representative minister from each country attends the relevant Council meeting on behalf of each Member State.