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European Parliament

The European Parliament  is the largest Parliament in the world with 732 Members. The role of the European Parliament is to represent their constitutents, which they do at both committee level and at plenary level. So if you have any concerns about a piece of proposed EU legislation then contact your MEP - they will welcome your input!

The work of the European Parliament is handled by 23 committees, which largely mirrors the DG system at Commission level. These committees are detailed below.  For European Parliament Committee links click here

Standing committees

  1. MEP Committee on Foreign Affairs   (known as AFET)
  2. MEP Committee on Human Rights   (known as DROI)  
  3. MEP Committee on Security and Defence  (known as SEDE)
  4. MEP Committee on Development   (known as DEVE) 
  5. MEP Committee on International Trade  (known as INTA) 
  6. MEP Committee on Budgets   (known as BUDG) 
  7. MEP Committee on Budgetary Control  (known as CONT)
  8. MEP Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs  (known as ECON) 
  9. MEP Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (known as EMPL)  
  10. MEP Committe on Environment, Public Health and
    Food Safety     (known as ENVI)  
  11. MEP Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (known as ITRE) 
  12. MEP Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection     (known as IMCO)
  13. MEP Committee on Transport and Tourism  (known as TRAN) 
  14. MEP Committee on Regional Development  (known as REGI)
  15. MEP Committee on Agriculture and Rural
    Development     (known as AGRI)
  16. MEP Committee on Fisheries   (known as PECH) 
  17. MEP Committee on Culture and Education  (known as CULT)
  18. MEP Committee on Legal Affairs   (known as JURI) 
  19. MEP Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and
    Home Affairs     (known as LIBE) 
  20. MEP Committee on Constitutional Affairs  (known as AFCO) 
  21. MEP Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality     (known as FEMM) 
  22. MEP Committee on Petitions   (known as PETI) 

Special committees

MEP Committee on the Financial, Economic and  Social Crisis     (known as CRIS)
MEP Committee on Policy Challenges Committee (known as SURE)

The European Parliament has its own website which you can go to by clicking here