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Proposal for a Directive on passenger car related taxes


The operation of 25 different tax systems for passenger cars within the EU has resulted in tax obstacles such as double taxation, tax-induced cross-border transfer of cars, distortions and inefficiencies, which impede the proper functioning of the Internal Market. The purpose of the current proposal is two-fold: to improve the functioning of the Internal Market and to implement the Community's strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars. The proposal does not intend to introduce any new passenger car related taxes, but only aims at restructuring such taxes if they are applied by Member States, without obliging them to introduce such taxes.


Commission Status


Adopted 5th July 2005

6/7/05 Supplemet

5/9/06 Commission opinion on EP ammendments on single reading

Next Action: TBA

EU Parliament Status


Received 6th July 2005

5/9/06 EP opinion single reading

Next Action: TBA

EU Council Status


Received 6th July 2005

13/11/07 Discussions at council

Next Action: TBA

Additional Comments

17/05/2006: EESC opinion

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