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Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Council Directive 1999/37/EC on the registration documents for vehicles


The objective of the 'Roadworthiness Package' is to support and to enforce roadworthiness testing of motor vehicles and their trailers with a view to enhance road safety and environmental protection. The proposal aims at contributing to reach the target of a reduction of road fatalities by the half until 2020 as laid down in the Policy Orientations on Road Safety 2011-20201. It will also contribute to the reduction of emissions in road transport linked to poor maintenance of vehicles. In this context the proposal aims at improving the enforcement of the roadworthiness testing and roadside inspection regime, notably in the case where the technical condition of a vehicle
creates an imminent risk to road safety, through measures such as temporary withdrawal or permanent cancellation of the vehicle's registration.


Commission Status

13/07/2012 Proposal Adopted by European Commission
Next Action: A copy of the proposal will be sent to the European Parliament and Council

EU Parliament Status

13/07/2012 Received from Commission
Next Action: Will be allocated to relevant Parliamentary Committee(s)

Council Status

13/07/2012 Received from Commission
Next Action: It will be allocated to a committee for discussion

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