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Proposal amending Annex I to Council Regulation (EC) No 1528/2007 as regards the exclusion of a number of countries from the list of regions or states which have concluded negotiations


A number of ACP countries were granted duty free, quota free market access on the understanding they would ratify a European Partnership Agreement (EPA). Whilst these countries have made use of their free market access to the European markets, a significant number of countries have not ratified their EPA, and therefore the aim of this proposal is to withdraw the free market access to those countries who have not implemented their obligations to ratify the EPA.


Commission Status

30/09/2011 Proposal Adopted by European Commission
Next Action: TBA

EU Parliament Status

30/09/2011 Received from Commission
Next Action: Will be allocated to relevant Parliamentary Committee(s)

Council Status

30/09/2011 Received from Commission
Next Action: TBA

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