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Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL amending Council Regulation (EC) No 2187/2005 for the conservation of fishery through technical measures in the Baltic Sea, the Belts and the Sound


In the context of the alignment of Regulation (EC) No 2187/2005 to the new rules of the TFEU, powers currently conferred on the Commission by that Regulation have been reclassified into delegated measures and implementing measures. Pursuant to Article 290 TFEU, the legislator may delegate to the Commission the task of supplementing or amending certain non-essential parts of Regulation (EC) No 2187/2005. The Commission should therefore be empowered to adopt delegated acts to amend the technical specifications of two parts of the fishing gears improving selectivity: namely the Bacoma type exit window and the netting in the codend and extension piece being turned 90° (T90 trawl). Pursuant to Article 291 TFEU, the legislator may confer implementing powers upon the Commission to ensure uniform conditions for the implementation of Regulation (EC) No 2187/2005. Implementing powers are necessary to ensure that the Commission is able to adopt a decision requiring a Member State to withdraw or modify national measures whenever these are not in accordance with the Regulation (EC) No 2187/2005.


Commission Status

17/10/2012 Proposal Adopted by European Commission
Next Action: A copy of the proposal will be sent to the European Parliment and Council

EU Parliament Status

17/10/2012 Received from Commission
Next Action: Will be allocated to relevant Parliamentary Committee(s)

Council Status

17/10/2012 Received from Commission
Next Action: It will be allocated to a committee for discussion

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