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Proposal for a COUNCIL REGULATION fixing for 2013 the fishing opportunities available in EU waters and, to EU vessels, in certain non-EU waters for certain fish stocks and groups of fish stocks which are subject to international negotiations or agreements


This proposal concerns fishing opportunities that are available to Union vessels in Union and non-EU waters and to third country vessels fishing in Union waters as a result of decisions agreed in multilateral or bilateral fora. In preparing for international negotiations, the Union forms a position based on scientific advice and its own policy objectives, which apply equally to internal decisions. The outcome of such negotiations implies the Union's consent to assume obligations vis-à-vis third parties. The Union has no substantive margin of discretion beyond the internal allocation among Member States when it comes to implementing such decisions in Union law. As for internal allocation, the principle of relative stability applies. 


Commission Status

19/11/2012 Proposal Adopted by European Commission
Next Action: A copy of the proposal will be sent to the European Parliament and Council

EU Parliament Status

19/11/2012 Received from Commission
Next Action: Will be allocated to relevant Parliamentary Committee(s)

Council Status

19/11/2012 Received from Commission
Next Action: It will be allocated to a committee for discussion

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