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We are intending to establish a library of academic and professional articles relating to all aspects of European Law and EU Affairs, and how the EU legal system engages with national law in the EU member states.

We invite academics, legal practitioners, (or anyone else!) to submit papers and articles for inclusion.

Articles may be reviewed and commented upon by site users, all comments will be moderated, and only constructive comments accepted.

We have no pre-conceptions of the topic areas that may be covered by articles submitted, merely that they should be EU-centric and relate in some way to the EU legal and social framework, or the relations of the EU with the wider world.

The conditions of submission and acceptance are:

  • Articles are original, and do not contain any plagiarised or stolen content, and are submitted by the author[s] or with the author's permission
  • Articles are of an academically acceptable standard
  • All quotes and references are appropriately acknowledged using a recognised academic method
  • Authors do not in any way misrepresent their expertise or qualifications 
  • European Law Monitor reserves absolutely the right to accept or reject submitted articles
  • Authors may withdraw their submission at any time 

We are also happy to accept contributions from any sources to improve our general site information. Any third party articles published on the site will be fully attributed.

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Please note that when submitting an article, as part of our copyright protection process, certain information such as the date, time, and your ip address will be saved with your submission details.