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newsBrexit - how things would change for companies in the event of no deal

The European Commission has issued a number of Notice to Stakeholders, explaining how the EU laws currently applying to companies would change in the event of no deal. These Notices are important, and very sobering, as for the first time they explain in detail how individual pieces of legislation are likely to change in the event of no deal. In the event of no deal, EU law would cease to apply to the UK in its entirety by 31 March 2019, and the UK would become a third country (non EU)

There are several Notices that are likely to affect a number of companies, including the

Notice to stakeholders on data protection available at

pdfNoticetostakeholderswithdrawaloftheUnitedKingdomandEUrulesinthefieldofdataprotection-1.pdf168.58 KB

Notice to stakeholders on EU Company law

pdfNotice to Stakeholders withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU rulesoncompanylaw-1.pdf and

the Notice of Stakeholders on Community trade marks and Community designs


If you transport goods or people to and from the EU by either road transport or air then you may also want to read these

Notice to stakeholders on road transport


Notice to stakeholders on air transport


Business owners are urged to read these through, and decide if, and to what extent, they would be likely to be affected, and what contingency planning they may need to take to ensure their business is protected.