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newsEU calls for end of violence against women


More than 3,000 women are killed each year in Europe by partners or family members, and countless more are harmed and harassed. Violence against women and girls is a threat to half of humanity, online and offline. It affects all women and takes many forms, including physical, sexual, or psychological violence, as well as economic abuse and exploitation.  

  • One in three women both in the EU and globally have experienced physical or sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.
  • At least two women a week are killed in the EU by an intimate partner or family member.
  • 32% of perpetrators of sexual harassment in the EU come from the employment context. 

This must stop. Every year on 25 November, the EU marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women to renew its commitment to eradicate violence against women and girls in the EU and beyond, and call for action to stand in solidarity with victims and survivors.

The EU protects women and children from gender-based and domestic violence through legislation, practical measures, and financial support. In 2022, the Commission adopted a proposal for the first EU-wide law to combat violence against women and domestic violence. The proposal aims to ensure that the most serious forms of violence against women are criminalised across the EU, such as rape, female genital mutilation and gender-based cyber violence, including cyber-stalking and non-consensual sharing of intimate images. The EU’s accession to the Istanbul Convention in 2023 is another key milestone to eradicating violence against women. It clearly shows our commitment to stepping up actions against gender-based violence across the 27 Member States.

Violence against women is unacceptable. The European Commission remains committed to building a society where violence against women is prevented, condemned, and prosecuted when it occurs.

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