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European Law Monitor newsGreen Week 2007  

Linking in with the festivities for the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Green Week 2007 will look back at 50 years of European environmental policy and will look at the future.  

  One of the aims of Green Week 2007 is to review past actions and identify successes and failures, and look at the challenges we will face in the future. What have we achieved? Where could we do better? Which are the drivers for change? Do we need to adapt our lifestyle and how? How can innovation and technology help us?

Green Week will provide a unique opportunity for debate, exchange of experience and best practice among non-governmental organisations, businesses, various levels of government and the public.

We hope to see you at Green Week and encourage your active participation in the debates.

If you would like to get a feeling about what Green Week is all about, have a look at last year's website.