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European Law Monitor newsTaxation in Europe: the European Commission launches a new online information tool on the taxes in the Member States

The European Commission has launched a new information tool for citizens and business "Taxes in Europe":  an on-line database which provides information on the main taxes in force in the Member States. In a user-friendly interface, it offers information on around 500 taxes, such as tax base, main exemptions, rate applicable, as are provided to the European Commission by the national authorities. In addition, it gives information on the revenue generated by each tax. Access is free for all users.
"This information tool is 'user friendly' and "citizen-oriented". It gives citizens, business, tax professionals, researchers and the press direct access to information that was until today only available piecemeal." László Kovács, the Commissioner responsible for Taxation and Customs, said "Furthermore, it fosters transparency by allowing for an easy comparison between the several taxation systems in the EU."

What information is available?

The "Taxes in Europe" database is the product of collaboration between the Commission and the Ministries of Finance of the Member States. It contains, for each individual tax, information on its legal basis, assessment base, main exemptions, applicable rate(s), economic and statistical classification, as well as the generated revenue. The information is listed in the form of a downloadable file.

The "Taxes in Europe" database covers all main taxes in revenue terms, including personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, value added taxes, and excise duties. The database also has information on the main social security contributions.

Customs duties and tariff are not described in the new database, instead are provided by the Commission via the TARIC database (see

The database will be updated every year. Coverage will be extended in the near future to the four Member States (Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and Portugal) currently not represented.

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Reproduced with the permission of the European Commission IP/07/662