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EU Presidency statement on the verdict of Saddam Hussein

The Presidency of the European Union notes the conclusion of the first trial before the Iraqi High Tribunal and the verdict announced today in the so-called Dujail case against Saddam Hussein and seven co-defendants.

Over the years, the European Union repeatedly condemned the systematic, widespread and extremely grave violations of human rights and of international humanitarian law committed by the regime of Saddam Hussein.

Establishing the truth and ensuring accountability for the crimes committed during the past regime will assist in furthering national reconciliation and dialogue in Iraq in the future. The nature of the crimes as well as the necessity of national reconciliation mean that all the trials have to be conducted respecting all the requirements for a fair process.

The Presidency also recalls the longstanding position of the EU against the death penalty. The EU opposes capital punishment in all cases and under all circumstances and it should not be carried out in this case either.