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newsUK's last day as an EU Member and thank you to all Europeans

Today is the last day that the UK will be a member of the European Union, with the transition period starting from tomorrow. 

European Law Monitor would like to thank all Europeans for their kindness, solidarity and grace over the last few days. The singing of Auld Lang Syne in the European Parliament moved us to tears. It represented all the values we hold dear  - kindness, solidarity, friendship, working together for a better world and our common humanity. Thank you. Please keep a light on so, as a country, we can find our way back to our European family.

We reject absolutely the politics of nationalism, division and bad faith that are all too typical of UK politics at present. Those values are not our values. Furthermore, it is clear that the UK government cannot be trusted to take the needs of UK businesses that want close alignment with the EU into consideration. They are more interested in prioritising ideology over economic sense. As a direct result, from today, European Law Monitor is now an Irish company, and our new address is European Law Monitor, The Black Church, St Mary's place, Dublin 7, Ireland. 

Thank you.