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newsWide range of free publications on the implications of Brexit


The EU bookshop has published a wide range of free publications on the implications of Brexit. Many of these are detailed, in depth studies.These are all freely available at

As of today, they cover

- Commercial property price indicators

- European Parliament Brexit Literature update

- Brexit and Ireland

- The settlement of disputes post Brexit

- Consequences of Brexit in the area of consumer protection

- The EU's position on the rights of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit

- EU Citizens rights and Brexit

- The UK Withdrawal from the EU - Legal and procedural analysis (in depth)

- Implications of Brexit on EU financial services

- The Brexit negotiations

- Implications of Brexit on the right to petition the European Parliament

- The impact of the UKs withdrawal from the EU on Scotland, Wales and Gibraltar

- The impact and consequences of acquired rights on EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living in the EU

- Consequences of Brexit on public procurement

- The impact and consequences of Brexit on Northern Ireland

- Brexit and the European Union

- Brexit implications for employment and social affairs

- Potential concepts for the future EU-UK relationship in financial services

-The UK’s potential withdrawal from the EU and single market access under EU financial services legislation

If you know anyone who may benefit from reading some of these please pass it on to them.