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New Eurobarometer report shows only 10% of Europeans believe the effectiveness of European administration to be satisfactory.

Results from a special Eurobarometer survey commissioned by the European parliament and ombudsman on citizens rights and the performance of the EU administration, which took place between February and March this year, would have made very uncomfortable reading for the politicians and officials in the European institutions.

The results revealed serious issues with what many people actually think of the European administration.
27,000 citizens were surveyed in the 27 member states, of which a mere 10% believe the effectiveness of the European administration is satisfactory. But that is only the beginning.

The survey also showed that 35% of Europeans believe that the effectiveness of the European administration is not satisfactory, 33% believe that the service mindedness of the administration is below satisfactory and a massive 42% believe that the transparency of the EU administration is unsatisfactory. These statistics highlight major failings of the European Institutions to communicate with citizens.

The survey also carried out research into peoples' opinions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which sets out the core range of civil, political, economic and social rights of European Citizens and all residents of the EU.

This showed that 13% of the people surveyed had never even heard of the Charter, and a colossal 85% of Europeans saying that they lacked sufficient information on it.

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