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Advice and Research Services on EU Law

We provide an advice and research service to individuals and organisations, covering most aspects of EU Law. Our service covers all aspects of the rights and obligations of individuals and companies under European Community law.

  • Application of Directives and Regulations
  • Dealing with infringements of EU law
  • Using EU law before the national courts
  • EU Cross-border family issues
  • Queries regarding the European Court of Justice
  • Environmental policy
  • Free Movement of Goods, Services, People and Capital rules
  • EU Common Policies
  • Trade Policy
  • Transport policy
  • External Policy
  • Social policy

Who benefits from this type of service?

  • Individuals
  • Companies and not-for-profit organisations
  • Legal professionals
  • MEPs and/or their caseworkers
  • Lobbyists

What do we offer?

"First Aid" advice* - If you just require one off advice then we will provide you with a free half hour consultation, during which we will examine the question you have put forward, and do some preliminary research if required. If we can answer the question within that time, as is the case with many queries, then you will pay nothing.

If the answer to your query requires more time we will give you an estimate of the cost of finding the answer you require. If we consider it more appropriate we may instead refer you a law firm or other representative body who can take up your case.

Services to professionals

Companies, NGOs, law firms, MEPs, caseworkers, and lobbyists will often deal with a wide range of community law issues, a number of which are complex and require an in-depth knowledge of EU law. Different groups require different levels of support and for that reason we can provide packages to provide expert EU advice as and when needed.

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*Please note:

This service is a "First Aid" and research service only. European Law Monitor does not undertake representational work and therefore we are unable to represent you in courts and tribunals. The advice that we give is limited to general information on your rights and obligations in European Community law and its application to UK law based on the information you provide, and is not a substitute for the detailed specific advice and assistance of a lawyer acting for you.