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What Does "Adopted by the Commission" Mean?

Before a proposal becomes a draft legislative act it goes through two other stages. It starts off as a green paper, which is a consultation document.

After the Commission has consulted as widely as they can, they then redraft it as a White paper.

After further discussion, minor amendments are made, and once the Commission feels the draft proposal is a reasonable draft from which to start the legislative process, they will send it to the Council for approval.

Once approved by the Council, the Commission then formally adopts it. This changes the proposal's status from a White paper to a draft legislative text.

The date that a draft proposal is adopted by the Commission marks the start of that proposal´s passage through the legislative process.

As a matter of practice, once it has been adopted by the Commission, it is usually immediately sent on to the institution who will next be dealing with it.

This will usually be either the Council, or the Council and the European Parliament, depending on what legislative procedure applies to the proposal.