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What Is a COM Number?

When the European Commission formally adopts a proposal, ie changes its status from being a white paper to a piece of draft legislation, it is given a unique reference number which is the COM number.

COM is short for Commission proposal. This is then followed by the year and then a unique number. So for example, a proposal will have COM 2004 123.

COM numbers are very useful because it is the primary reference for the legislation, and you can use it to help you find the document on the Europa website.

To find the latest version of document click on

Go to "search by document number"

Key in the year (e.g. 2004)

Key in the document number; this is the number that is found after the year (e.g. 123)

Click on the magnifying glass on the bottom right hand corner of the section. The search should deliver the latest published text of the act.